Buy Insights

“Historically the property market has followed broad cycles, although not in the boom/bust manner that some people believe. Rather, prices tend to surge strongly during a period of heightened activity and then level out over a period of subdued trading conditions. It is therefore more a case of boom/plateau,”

– Suzanne Hibberd



The Sutherland Shire is one of the most dynamic regions in Australia, with some of the finest real estate.

Our website will give you an idea of some of the properties that are currently for sale. But other properties are kept ‘off market’, with the vendors preferring we negotiate deals privately, without fanfare or publicity. These sales are generated away from prying eyes through a network of contacts we have and a portfolio of favourably qualified purchasers, both locally and internationally.

When you know what you are doing and have access to the right people then there is not always a need to put a property officially on the market. As well as providing discretion, this quiet approach to marketing also saves vendors advertising and auctioning costs.

That’s why when searching for property, there is more than meets the eye.

Nothing is as effective as having a face-to-face chat with one of our team, which allows us to understand your needs and, in many cases, fulfil them.

So to expand your purchasing options, contact us on (02) 9531 8855 or email us at


  • Work out how much you can afford to spend before you even look. Do this by speaking to your bank, building society or mortgage broker. When working out the most suitable best loan, check the ongoing payments, especially in the fine print for monthly service fees and other charges.
  • Only look at apartments or homes clearly advertised within that price range. (This is much easier to say than to do)
  • Don’t be put off by bad weather. It’s a good time to check the potential property for leaks, poor drainage or water-retention problems.
  • Contact an Abode Property agent to research recent sales in the area, and set them the task of sourcing suitable properties for you.
  • Always obtain building and pest reports on any property in which you are seriously interested. (NB. At the time of preparing this checklist legislation had been mooted to force vendors to pay for such inspections before they go to market, and recoup the costs from the eventual purchaser).
  • If you are buying an apartment it is a good idea to obtain copies of the Minutes of the recent Executive Committee meetings, and the last Annual General Meeting, to check if there are any issues that may influence your purchasing decision.
  • Engage a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to check the contract of sale and conduct the relevant searches and negotiations.
  • If you are bidding at auction be aware that there is no cooling off period.
  • Most auctions require a 10 per cent deposit on the purchase price, so bring your cheque book or approved deposit bond to support your winning bid.
  • Before you buy, try to speak with your potential neighbours to see if there are any underlying disputes or problems.