Why Abode?

“Selling property is now more of a science than an art… We analyse the types of people most likely to buy your property, know how to reach them, and know what their ‘must haves’ are,”

– Suzanne Hibberd 



While painful, there are at least three truisms all vendors must face:

  1. What you paid for your property has no bearing on its value
  2. The amount you need from the sale of your property has no bearing on its value
  3. What you want for your property has no bearing on its value

The value of your property is determined by what a BUYER is willing to pay for it in today’s market.

However, you can increase the chance of a successful outcome by selecting the right real estate agent.

Just as you’d insist on an experienced, well-prepared specialist to treat a medical condition, you need a real estate agent with a proven track record who will do all the necessary homework and faithfully represent your best interests.

At Abode Property we’ll advise you on market conditions, pricing, contracts, financing, appraising, how to maximise the appeal of your property, and marketing – at all times maintaining a high level of professional service and discretion. . .

Then we’ll get you the best possible price.