Abode Profile

“We look for long term relationships, not short-term gains”

“Proudly, we differ from the more bureaucratic agencies which tend to swamp their senior people in red-tape, leave inexperienced juniors to do the real work and at times can be less than prudent with client monies.”

Suzanne Hibberd



At Abode Property you deal only with senior, fully qualified, dedicated professionals, all of whom are adaptable, responsive to marketplace trends and customer focused.

We know that it is harder to keep a business great than to build it in the first place because success can breed complacency. But no matter how big a pond Abode finds itself in, we will always live by the “small fish” doctrine:

  • never think yourself invincible
  • never underestimate competition
  • never rest on your laurels
  • always strive to improve, and
  • never take your customers’ loyalty for granted.

At Abode we are always “at your service”.